Below are 4 situations you should remember when playing Blackjack at Malaysia online casino.

Cards from 3 – 11 points

With a very good score, you can be confident to draw the first card, pay attention if you draw small cards and continuously 3 times so your score it is still around 16-17 points, it is best to draw it again because the rate of getting a five-card spirit is 60%. At this point, it is up to your judgment about the ratio of large and small cards to be able to decide whether to continue or not. Or you can refer to below.

Cards 12 – 14 points

This is not a very good score, with this level it is mandatory to draw cards, if draws the score from 18 – 20 it is best to stop, and from 16 – 17 see the item below

Cards from 16 – 17 points

When meeting this moderate score, the majority of all players will have to wonder whether to continue or not. Now you need to observe, if you are the first draw, there is no need to draw to preserve your destiny, but if you are the 2nd or 3rd draw then you should check out the players before you, if as they draw one card and then no more draw then the possibility is a big card, and usually the big cards often go together, and if they draw 2 to 3 more cards then the ability is a small card, now We should watch carefully and make some decisions about whether to withdraw or not.

Cards from 18-20 points

The score is good, you do not need to withdraw.

Just by practicing and observing more friends, you will be proficient in judging and playing Blackjack online, in terms of gambling in general, it is best to observe all other aspects of life to know when If we should continue or stop, our common goal is to stop at entertainment and don’t let gambling become a problem for our family and loved ones.

Good luck!