Take most advantage of online Poker software functionality

While some players are against utilizing software while playing online poker, it is fair game as it is allowed by online casino’s terms of service. There are numerous types of software available to assist a player in becoming a better online player, so why miss out?

The best place for a beginner to start is the note-taking function which is a feature has been using on most poker sites which allow players to take a record on an opponent behaviors which can be recalled whenever encountering that player.

Another software function is the ability to color-code players which used to identify the relative strength of players. For instance if a player red note every sharks that he played with then notices in the lobby that eight of the registered players have red tags, he would quickly see that table as not a profitable and move on to others.

Purchasing software

There are some useful softwares like Hold Em Manager and Poker Tracker which contain a customizable head’s up display feature (HUD) and provide information about opponents by tracking all of the hands they have played with. Although online casinos have a hand history tool, they lack much of the functionality available in other programs such as the ability to replay a cash session or entire tournament away from the tables.

Explore free poker software

Many of the best internet poker software is actually free such as PokerStove which allows user to calculate their equity versus a range, Universal Replayer which is a great tool for replaying a tournament hand history, Nash Equilibrium calculator, Nash Equilibrium push/fold charts and so much more.

Explore efficiency software

Besides enabling online players’ poker playing abilities, poker softwares also assist the grinder with multi-tabling as players make the gradual transition to intermediate player and beyond. Some of them are Table Ninja, Auto Hot Keys, and Place Mint, etc.

Transitioning from a live player to an online poker player can pose many challenges, but remembering to begin gradually, create an ideal environment, and utilize software are all keys that will aid in the player having a successful journey towards winning!