Here we will introduce to you how to play Sicbo at W88 casino. This is one of the very haunting games that has great appeal to today’s bettors.

Since the establishment of the W88 betting house on Malaysia online casino market, it has brought to the casino players a professional playground. The W88 casino courts are extremely rich and popular, always meeting all the needs of betting in the low to high level of the player. It is an omission to ignore hundreds of large and small Slotgame here with eye-catching interface universal for those who love Slotgame.


In addition, there are online casino that draw the majority of players, giving players the feeling of sitting real at online casino. One of the casinos that players enjoy at W88 is the Macau Casino. Because this is the casino that brings the most luck to the players. Moreover, the casino also has a relatively close and fashionable interface.

To play Sicbo game is very simple and convenient, you only need to login to your W88 account and select Macau Casino Casino to be able to play Sicbo with a beautiful dealer. Sicbo game is also known as a dice game, played with 3 dice. After shaking the dice, the player starts to bet.


The ways to bet on Macau casino are as follows:

– B: symbol for Fortune bet: The sum of 3 dice between 10 – 18 is the bet (except for 3 dice with the same score).

– S: represents the Under bet: The sum of 3 dice between 1 – 9 is the faint bet (except for 3 dice with the same score).

– Even: Bet on a total of 3 dice that is an even number

– Odd: Bet for a total of 3 dice that is an odd number.

In addition, players can bet other types such as: Bet on single scores from 1 to 6, bet on 3 of the same dice, bet on 2 of the same dice, bet for the correct score of the total of 3 dice.


The secret of playing Sicbo at the Macau W88 casino was initially known to players as an Asian game, and gradually this game was loved by casinos around the world for the simplicity of the betting period. Hopefully with the guide to play Sicbo in Macau casino casino on you will know how to bet and have good luck playing online casino. Good luck to the buyer!