If you have basically envisioned how a game of poker is operated, now is the time to find out, whenever your turn, you can do as follows.


If you find the card is too bad, 2 of the Secret Pick Up cards do not match the Common cards, then you lose, lose all the bet and end your game. , others continued to play. This is a pretty good option in this game, this is a tactical game, so if you want to play next, you have to increase your bet, not just follow it, eat it, follow it pay extra bet, so if the card is too bad, face up, preserve the capital.


Every round of betting, if no one has bet before you will be the first to bet. If your next player wants to continue, they can either follow the card, pay an extra bet equal to the one you bet, or if they are not happy with the bet, they will bet. If the bet is too big, they have to set a card, which is why playing cards is a useful option and should always be considered.

In addition, there is a special Betting option called All-in Betting, which bet all your available funds. This feature is a double-edged sword and must be carefully considered. If the cards are big, the chances of winning are quite high, other players will be concerned that you have a big hand that is dealt, but if they have a bigger hand then you are considered to be empty. Therefore, be very careful.


In a round of betting, if there is a previous Bet that you want to increase this stake, you can raise, in addition to the same amount as the previous player bet, you pay 1 optional increase.

Once a player has bet, and you are satisfied with this level of bet, not a card, nor increase the bet, then you choose Theo, pay 1 more bet equal to the bet that the previous player has Bet or Raise.


In a round of betting, if no one Bets, then you have the right to continue to play without spending money, that’s the Check option.