Can You Really Beat the Odds at a Casino? (Part 1)

Efforts to beat the odds at a casino is, by definition, a fall attempt. No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to consistently beat the house. Let’s say it was possible to beat the odds at an online casino, everyone would be doing it…and the industry would no longer exists.

But just because you can’t win the odds at an online casino doesn’t mean you can’t at least give it a try. In fact, there are various ways you can try to at least set the balance slightly more favourably for you.

The house always wins in the end, but you can still have a fair opportunity at walking away with a prize.

Here’s how to not necessarily win the odds at a casino, but possibly reduce the house edge at least a little:

1. Be aware of clumsy dealers

They can be difficult to identify, but they certainly are there. Set your eye over several blackjack tables and you may mark that some dealers have very unique playing styles that compare to others. In addition, it’s common to come across dealers who are absolutely clumsy. If you happen to encounter a dealer who unknowingly put the face-down card as it is dealt, consider yourself an extremely lucky person. Besides, keep that information to yourself at all costs. Clumsy dealers are the antichrist as most casino business owners are concerned about. They’re likely the malfunctioning cash machines for the savvy player.

2. Don’t get too distracted

Live music, attractive serving staff, on-stage shows – there’s plenty of things at the average land based casino to keep you nice and distracted. With online casino, there are chat, pop-up ads, … some of which is there for your entertainment, but most of them will take your eye off the prize. Even if you can’t beat the odds at a casino, you can at least stay concentrated to avoid making unfortunate decisions. That’s often easier said than done, and it’s all happening around us all the time.

Comparison of w88 online casino and 23zo club website (part 1)

Slot machine is a game that is currently very HOT in Malaysia market as well as international game market. With this game, players will receive valuable rewards.

In the market, many dealers are offering this slot machine game to users. Among them are the two famous bookies that are 23zo Club and W88. So with these two online casino, which one should we choose to play the pot, which online casino creates the better player, etc.? Let’s find out through the article below.

In order to better understand which online casino to play, we will have a quick look at the activities of these two bookies.


23zo Club is a new game portal, bringing you completely new slot game experience with familiar slot themes as well as slots that have never appeared in any game port. After a period of absence, has officially launched again after a long pause to maintain and upgrade the system.

Compare the prestigious W88 dealer and the 23Zo Club gambling website

Game also updates a lot of new features that appeal to players with many challenges and generous rewards. has a lot of advantages for us to mention. Currently the game portal has a version for all operating systems. That means that no matter what device you use to access it, you can still download and play games.

The size of is not too heavy so you do not have to worry too much about memory. And these games can be suitable for even weakly configured models. You can play smoothly even when your access network is not very well.

23zo Club has beautiful images, diverse games, extremely rich game store. Some games need to be mentioned at such as: Faint, Go to the North, Go to the South, Three trees, Xoc disc, Mau binh, One piece slot, Three Kingdoms slot, Ta lu, etc.


W88 is the leading prestigious bookmaker in Asia. If you have ever played the spinoff at the game portals like:, (Rikvip), Vinplay, etc. then at W88 too, even more.

Because this is a longtime bookmaker with its seniority, this online casino has owned a huge game treasure and the trust of the players.

Ways 5G Will Benefit Online Casinos (Part 2)

New Technologies on the Horizon…

Along with the three benefits mentioned above, it’s not unlikely that entirely advanced technologies will make their remarks on the industry soon enough. One notable example of the technology being virtual reality, which is quite demanding in terms of data consumption and general hardware capacity. It’s now absolutely possible to experience the full VR with a simple smartphone with 5G connectivity. 5G has paved the way for a whole new world of casino gaming thanks to faster and more reliable Internet connections.

Specifically, 5G enable gamers to play at online casinos in the most immersive way imaginable by combining live-dealer gaming and VR technology to recreate the traditional casino experience. Some forward-thinking casinos are already introducing VR gaming, although it’s just appear at the least rudimentary form. Certainly nothing that can not be accessed and enjoyed via a typical smartphone.

Immersion and engagement are two key factors when assessing which casinos to play. When VR technology hits, people may find the most incredible online gaming experience the market has ever seen.

Playing the Waiting Game

In the meantime, it’s only a case of playing the waiting game as 5G technology hasn’t yet become accessible for the masses. Even when it does, it’s likely to be too expensive for some time similar to the case with 4G LTE connectivity. However, the competition between the major networks will drive down prices.

In any case, 5G is going to bring an immediate and outright revolution to the world of online gaming by enhancing everything gamblers already know and love about online casinos. A more immersive experience, with enhanced visuals and no more lag would create an more enjoyable experience.

We hope that 5G connectivity will soon be installed in your country as smartphones companies has been manufactured 5G smartphones.

Ways 5G Will Benefit Online Casinos (Part 2)

Allow Better Payments

The emergence of digital payments and e-wallets has increased exponentially over recent years. All of which based on secure and stable Internet connections, in order to allow digital transactions. The bigger online casinos are expanding, the better and more diverse their support for a wide variety of payment methods. 

5G will help increase the speed at which payments can be implemented and accessed, especially when online wallets are concerned. It will also help eliminate a wide range of security threats by enhancing security processes in the system. The data gathered through the use of 5G will be used to customize the services provided, according to customers’ locations, gaming preferences and so on.

Of course, it will still be the casino’s responsibility to make sure that all processes are handled in a secure and responsible manner by implementing robust physical and virtual security measures to safeguard customers and their private data. Simply switching to 5G isn’t going to reduce all the threat posed by fraudsters and hackers. 

The Rise of Live Action Gaming

Slowly but surely, live-dealer casino gaming is becoming the first choice for a new generation of online casino gamblers by the fact that instead of playing against a computer algorithm, players are linked with a real-life host in real time and a bunch of other players at the same table – similar to a traditional casino. Although till now, issues with slow connections make it impossible for many to enjoy live casino gaming online which will be fixed by 5G which allows no lag and multiplayer games can be optimised fully.  This will also crack the door to enhance more sophisticated live-dealer gaming experiences, with improved visuals, graphics and smoother gameplay and so on. There will always be a place for the computer-controlled casino game online, but the rising of live-dealer gaming is evitabile.

Frequently asked questions when playing roulette at online casino

The follows are the frequently asked questions of those who often play roulette at Malaysia online casino. Let’s check them out!

1. Is there the tactics that help you to win?

Roulette is a very popular game nowadays in both real and online casinos. However, many players question whether there really exists an invincible strategy in this game.

The answer is, tactics are just a part to help you win and to really win every bet, players need to train and accumulate experience in each game for themselves. No strategy is guaranteed to win 100%, only the brains and the correct thinking and judgment of players can help them win.

2. Do you have enough capital to play by these methods?

In fact, when using roulette playing tactics, you certainly cannot win the first time. Therefore, experienced players often recommend that new players play in two ways:

The first method

If you have enough money, you bet bet exponentially. For example: if you bet 1 chip in the red game and win, then in game 2 you will put 1 chip in again. If you lose, you always bet 2 chips, if your luck is still bad then you always bet 4 chips. Put it like that until you win, stop. Then you start to place a new bet with 1 chip. This is a common betting method that many people use.

The second method

If you do not have enough financial resources or you are a new player who wants to choose a safe plan, you can bet the second way. That is to divide your capital into 100 parts. The first time you bet 10% of the total amount. If you win, you bet on your profit, if you lose, you bet 10% of your remaining capital. If you lose, you still have the capital to play.

Thus, depending on the strategy, the way you play and the initial playing capital you can choose the most appropriate betting strategy. Good luck!

Ways 5G Will Benefit Online Casinos (Part 1)

One of the biggest trends in the future years of casino gaming is 5G used in several major networks. It is not the kind of technology allows everyone to access to, but will soon take over and become the new standard. 5G will, in a nutshell, change the way people know and think about fast and lag-free Internet connections.

But to what extent will 5G connectivity benefit the development of the online casino industry? Will 5G have a big influence on the online casino landscape or will it simply be a faster and more streamlined connection for gamblers to play?

The answer is somewhere in between. While 5G is unlikely to completely revolutionise online casino gaming, it might bring about positive impacts. Some of the biggest benefits that 5G is expected to bring about to online casinos are as follows:

Increased Mobile Focus

5G would benefit gamblers enjoy playing on mobile devices, which is accounted for almost highest market share in comparison to traditional desktop gaming.  In facts, some of the biggest gaming franchises such as The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, and Stranger Things are focusing heavily on developing their mobile offerings and are making huge waves right now. VR mobile gaming also shows incredible development.

Mobile gaming is more convenient and more enjoyable way for a lot of players to gamble that requires no prior hardware. It also support to create cross-platform opportunities in which many online casino operators has been rolled out innovative mobile versions of their games that have full features just like the desktop versions. A movement that reflects the fact that millions of players are already registered online casinos exclusively via mobile expecting.

With 5G help to improve connection speeds and enhance online experiences, it is definite a trend set to accelerate the industry indefinitely

How to become a professional player at Malaysia online casino?

Online casino with many games, with attractive bonuses becomes an attractive destination for every person when conducting online betting.

Perhaps having our own experiences, tips and principles will surely help us to become the most skilled and professional gamer. A professional card player will be able to make a profitable investment, and the loss is unlikely.


From the purpose of helping each person make decisions about which card game to play, how to play the strategy, how much capital to use, and how to bet, etc. Therefore, the first thing that each person needs to do before Logging in to an online casino is clearly defining your goals.

Once we have our own purpose, we can ensure that the winnings do not increase too much if not necessary, and when losing, we can return the bet to the original level without being too greedy, or because he or she failed to make the wrong decision.


A professional gamer, a master in online casinos needs a lot of skills, personal experience. In particular, the required skills are required as follows.

There is a strong mentality, there is calm in every match. Regardless of any situation, with the game happening, calm is still a prerequisite and important factor. Good psychology helps us to be alert enough to be able to analyze, evaluate and arrive at the right decisions.

Confrontation skill is the player who knows how to analyze and comment on the opponent’s ability to win. Can be through a lot of information such as winning rate, calculation skills, ability to guess cards, etc.

In addition, a skill needed in a professional online card game is also in the advancement of each person. Always in the spirit of learning, accumulating experience will be lessons, the secret to being able to be more successful now and in the future.

The Future of Online Casinos: Where Can Online Casinos Go Next? (Part 2)

Virtual reality (VR) is gradually making its way into the mainstream, as it becomes more affordable on a global basis. More PCs are equipped with systems that can run VR, and advanced VR platforms are launched that work independently of a PC or smartphone. Therefore, it’s only a matter of time before casinos use VR to create mobile casinos games which will be so immersive to rival the real thing.
It’s an obvious and inevitable evolution, taking into account the progress of online casino gaming from the earliest days of the online casino industry. Online casino developers have put extraordinary efforts to develop the most engaging and immersive experience possible. Live-dealer gaming is the next best thing to the land-based casino although players still have to sit at a screen with a standard two-dimensional interface.
If VR technology can be combined with real-time live-dealer gaming, players will find themselves in a position where they are right there in the middle of the action with a 360-degree view of the environment, allowing online chat and interact with other players surroundings. With players who are shy of actually being in land-based casino, this is as immersive and engaging as the real thing.
In fact, some online casinos are already offering their own VR gaming which is evident that in a few more years, VR will take over as the new standard for discerning casino gamers worldwide.

Some forward-thinking casinos already put their foot into the eSports boom which is growing more popular by the day as the sports themselves.
Virtual sports have a guaranteed place in the future of online casinos due to its accessibility. eSports events and tournaments are not only be played anytime of day or night from anywhere in the world but also allow any person wishing to play engage in the game. It’s a 100% inclusive alternative to the real sport betting with extra benefit of taking part in eSports events remotely, without being at a specific venue.  

Why should players choose M88 online casino?

Introduce to M88 online casino

M88 is one of the best and largest online bookmakers in Malaysia. M88 is a leading provider of online betting products and services in Asia, providers of sports betting games, online casinos to slot and poker games.

The main markets of M88 are in Asia and Europe. M88 is here to provide the best online gambling solutions for Malaysia., also known as Mansion88 one of the best online bookmakers and casinos in Asia. Successful in the Asian market, M88 was established in 2004 and is licensed by First Cagayan Philippines, its operations in Asia are run through its Philippines office, Mansion’s headquarters in Gibraltar.

The website interface at W88 is very simple and compatible with the usage habits of customers. The smooth color layout makes the player feel comfortable. It also supports multiple languages ​​and versions for all smart devices like mobile phones, iPads or tablets.

M88 offers a variety of online gambling games, M88 has 200 highly experienced people tasked with providing maximum odds to customers. In Malaysia, the M88 dealer is considered to be the number one house in this country and the leading house in sports betting village which is trusted by customers.

Malaysia online Casinos

M88 online casino is one of the best games I play here, because M88 has “pretty girls dealing cards” on all tables. When you sit down, a beautiful Asian girl will be on the screen to roll the dice, handle the card or spin the ball.

Whatever your game, the house is real and really makes the game very alive. Live casino games include Baccarat, Naga Tiger, Roulette, 3 Photos, Blackjack, Sic Bo, 7 Up Baccarat and Texas Holde’em Bonus. All casino games are supported by Opus Gaming.

Bonus for joining M88

You will receive the first 20% bonus when depositing into the M88 dealer, you can also choose to place a free bet for Sportsbook up to 2 million. To get the m88 promotion, contact M88 customer support directly. Besides the first bonus fund, you can also collect loyalty points every time you place a bet.

Online support

M88 Malaysia provides the best service by offering full features, one of which is live chat support online. With this feature, players can communicate directly with online services for 24 hours non-stop. For online gambling convenience, the M88 Mobile is also available, the app can be downloaded for free on Google Playstore and AppStore.


M88 is the best and most trusted gambling house to place bets online. M88 offers professionally licensed, secure payment services and casino games.

The Future of Online Casinos: Where Can Online Casinos Go Next (part 1)

Traditional casino games is a way of pleasure pursuit which haven’t changed much over centuries. A traditional casino game is a historic pastime with just the right amount of risk which is also one of its biggest charms. However, the future of casino games is online and things will get even more exciting.

Online casino gaming has been around for some time, but has only just begun hitting its stride in 10 or 15 years ago. However, the future of online casinos is beyond the most rudimentary online fruit machines. Fast forward to 2019/2020 and anyone would be impressed by the evolution of the industry which is a handful of the latest and greatest online slots. Although things has been great, but it’s just the start of things and much more great things are yet to come.
Online casinos have adapted their entire business model to fit with the latest trends of the internet era with wide ranges of games connected to shared jackpot, such as Paddy Power’s Jackpot King; live-dealer gaming, which will be one of the biggest trends in the future of online casinos.
After all, it’s a taste of Las Vegas in your own home thanks to the internet-connected which is guaranteed to be popular.
In reality, there are signs of the future of online casinos all over the place which are only available in a relatively basic form. A few notable examples of which are:

Virtual Reality Casinos
Live casino gaming set up cameras to recreate the real-life casino experience and to give players the feeling that they’re actually sitting at a real casino table. The social aspect of online casinos has become exceptionally popular in recent years as well with live-dealer gaming that gives it an edge over simply playing against a computer algorithm. And the next step is the fully immersive VR casinos.