Why Online Betting Beats the Classic Bookmaker (Part 4)

Convenience and Accessibility

For some players, if not to say most of them, the biggest advantage of betting online is the pure convenience of the whole thing. Online casinos never close and there are spectacular betting chances to take advantage of worldwide on a 24/7 basis. Not just this, but betting on whatever you want is another thing that you can do at any time and from any place, without ever setting foot outdoors walking to a crowded place .

This has completely altered the face of sports betting for casual players and more serious gamblers alike. For the first time, people have the option make their betting activities happen according to their personal schedule and preferences – not the other way around.

More than Sports Betting Along

Last up, there’s more options to choose from online sports betting these days than sports betting in the traditional practice. Even when a brand concentrate heavily on sports betting, there’s a strong opportunity that they’ll also develop a ton of other gaming assets on offer.

Particularly where the bigger brands are working together, players have chances to enjoy more of an all-round gaming resource than a single online casino. Dedicated online casino sections, online slots, poker tables, bingo, scratch cards and so much more to offer – all accessible via the same account at the same time. And again, all available on a 24/7 basis with a constant stream of exclusive offers to enjoy.

In Conclusion

On one hand, players could quite rightly believe that traditional in-person betting at physical land-based casinos have a social and ceremonial aspect to it that’s online casino can’t compete with. At the same time, there’s no denying the significant benefits that online sports betting offers to its players.

Neither it is necessarily ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the other, players always have the option to indulge in a spot of both.

Experience playing Roulette online at the house of Empire777 (Part 1)

Empire777 – where your satisfaction is found. With all online casino games you can find anywhere, Roulette is of course not an exception. We will share this fascinating gaming experience.

Visit the official Empire777

To get to Empire777, the official link is provided below. Players just click to be directed to the official website. At the main screen, Roulette is distributed in the Live Casino area. Note that there is another type of Roulette play that is played as E-games, but will be introduced in another article. Here, the experience of playing Roulette in the online casino area is shared.

Register now

In Empire777’s Live Casino, there are many different tables, named after famous places, known as the casino capital of the region, such as Paris, Manila, Macau, … This play comes from many different game vendors. All tables are displayed right outside for players to track and participate. For Roulette players, tables with the Roulette icon are the favorite destinations.

Play Roulette at the Paris Casino table

Each table has different Roulette rooms. Just outside each game room you can immediately observe the results of previous games. The minimum bet is also provided outside so that the player can easily choose a suitable room for them.

Experience playing Roulette online at the house of Empire777

Each game room at Empire777 has many different camera angles, you can choose at your own discretion to follow the game in the most convenient way. Below is a multi-camera view, which automatically rotates over time in the game. The other two modes are 3D mode, where only the table is shown and the classic mode where wide-angle, sweeping tables are provided.

The betting area is displayed in the middle area below the screen. The basic betting options are implemented like the usual Roulette games, black-red, parity, single or corner bets, group bets, big-small bets, etc.

Why Online Betting Beats the Classic Bookmaker (Part 2)

3. Secure Your Profits
A simple but important argument nevertheless – placing wagers online costs nearly nothing.  By this, we’re saving the time and money necessary to pay a visit to a traditional land-based casino. Even if it’s just a modest fare of public transport, it’s still money you save for more profit.

Despite the reward of visiting casino in person is the more social aspect; however, if you’re more interested in having more profits, it’s a trade-off that online betting is far more economical.

4. Bigger Selection of Betting Markets

Similar to the variety argument, the diversity of the online casino available is absolutely ridiculous. Most traditional casino will offer a decent collection of sports and events, but none of those offer nearly the same scale as an online casino. The idea being that online bookies go extra miles with weird and wonderful betting opportunities for everyone from all over the world.

Bet on the latest sport matches and tournaments as regular, or place a bet on the result of a TV show or an international competition.  Whichever way, this is the kind of netting that offers a new level of fun and enjoyment.

5. Exclusive Deals and Promotions
In terms of the issue with overheads, this is precisely the reasons why online betting sites and casinos have the tendency to be far more generous with new and existing players. Register online with a good online casino and you’re almost guaranteed to earn an incentive in return. A free bet, an insurance policy in case your first bet goes south or perhaps even a few free spins at the online casino.

Even where deals like these are under heavy restrictions ( strict wagering requirements), something free is better than having nothing. More importantly, these are the kinds of betting you would not see being offers by any land-based casino. Surfing around online and there is nothing to stop you taking advantage of every single online deal and promotion you find.

Why Online Betting Beats the Classic Bookmaker (Part 1)

To say the Internet has had a impressive impact on the global gambling market would be an understatement to say the least. Today, each and every smartphone owner is being connected to thousands of casinos and hundreds of online bookmakers in their little pockets. 24/7, it’s never been easier to access to a world of epic online action.
From the world leading online bookmakers to the innovative newcomers joining the market by the day, the online casino sector is developing at a pace nobody could have imagined.
That said, there will always be people who believe firmly in the unique practices of betting on sporting events in the traditional way who don’t understand and appreciate the popularity of online betting, but there are those can see its appeal like no others do.
Which led to the question – why is online betting so famius? Why are more people than ever before playing over online betting sites than the classic bookmaker?
All gamblers have their own unique motivations, but the following gives just a few of the reasons why online sports betting takes some recent favor:

1. Greater Choice of Bookmakers
For one thing, gambling online means joining the biggest market of bookmakers in the world. Even if you have plenty of traditional bookies within easy reach, you’ve several hundred to select from via the smart phone in your pocket.
Again, this means the chance to do business with the top and best brands out there, along with creative newcomers deliver new and interesting twists to the experience. People say variety is the spice of life, so the appeal of countless bookmakers to select from is relatively obvious.

2. Better Odds and Margins
Throughout the board, you’re very likely to receive the most competitive odds and margins available online. Irrespective of whether you follow the major brands or small independent businesses, there’s one major way you’ll get a better deal online – overheads.
In short, it costs a lot more to manage a successful physical High Street business than managing a website. Not just this, but the average website can also serve infinitely more players than a traditional betting store. Their expenses are less so they can generate more money, which means they can provide their customers better odds and more competitive margins.

How to know whether 12Bet online casino is reputable? (Part 2)

Bet with 12Bet – quick, convenient, fast money

As a man, who does not have passion. More or less, he was a girl, he loved the game, he had lots of balls. In general, at the time of development, the add-ons make the passion burn quite hot.

Not to mention those who are passionate about racing or higher than flying, marijuana drugs. Play whatever you play, within your means only. It was tiring to play but to be enjoyed by the officials who came to inquire.

Dealer 12bet Register easily anytime, anywhere

I’ve been involved in it for quite a long time, so there are countless rewards. Weekly reward, usually monthly, reward for each game, then accumulate VIP rewards.

The higher you go to VIP, the more deals you have to deal with, you have to say that you go to the dock When you VIP, you will have the opportunity to participate in many tournaments with huge prizes, bonuses in the game, bonuses in cash and sometimes in kind.

Currently, many network security managers always block direct access links of 12Bet. At the beginning, I was bewildered like brothers who thought that the house had collapsed, but it was not.

It was only due to being blocked that I struggled with my siblings, nobody told everyone to grope. Just look for links to 12Bet that are not blocked, there are a number of links to enter.

Now also has an app on the phone, the more convenient, no one can stop anyone. There he was so scared to call the switchboard, after listening, he grinned.

Through the article above hope players can know whether 12Bet is reputable or not. With these factors, you can tell which houses are fraudulent or not. The advantage of optimizing for such a user, if we do not choose the house 12Bet is a very absurd thing. Remember when meeting any reputable 12Bet information, you should also be wise to deduce. Wish you happy betting.

How to know whether 12Bet online casino is reputable? (Part 1)

The 12Bet online casino is highly appreciated by many participants in Malaysia and around the world. Why is that? This article I will answer in detail about all 12Bet betting book information.

Accompanying it will answer many of your questions whether 12Bet Malaysian online casino is reputable? Or does it have any more prominent features than any other bookmakers today?

Some reputable bookies today

To know whether 12Bet is reputable, we should consult all the necessary information of the bookmakers available on the market today.

M88 online casino has the most prestigious and popular casino type in the current era, proud to be the online bookmaker that supports the fastest deposit and withdrawal.

With a very easy-to-see interface, its extremely fast, courteous customer care support is always the first priority choice of online players.

Get up to 208% in Slot Games and up to 88% in Sports Games for up to $ 88 for new participants when playing online betting at this house.

This is one of the earliest online bookmakers to appear in Malaysia market, along with M88 bookmaker it is one of the 2 most popular online bookmakers in Currently, always proud of the available brand is the prestigious online bookmaker with the highest odds, with a very professional staff, friendly website interface.

As an official shirt sponsor for a wide range of English football clubs and Spanish teams, the reputation and quality of the 12Bet bookmaker is always the criteria of selection. The participant’s head plays online betting.

Factors that make 12bet a prestigious house

If you are still confused about whether the 12Bet house is reputable, then you find out if there are the following factors.

Licensed operation

There are clear addresses and transparent phone numbers.

Good payment service.

The odds are multi-dang and update quickly.

Enthusiastic support counselor.

Attractive promotion for players.

Time has been active in Malaysia and in Asia.

Has there ever been any online information about the scammer or not.

How to choose a reputable house

Convenient and scientific website interface.

High odds, attractive.

Outstanding payment service, fast cash withdrawal and deposit.

Support counselors are always thoughtful and enthusiastic.

There are always promotions with many attractive promotions.

Can You Really Beat the Odds at a Casino? (Part 3)

6. Practice playing poker

It’s something many people don’t aware of, but video poker is actually the online game with the lowest logistical house edge of 0.46% in most instances. The reason they get away with such low margins is because very few gamblers have enough skills and knowledge to play like a pro. Although, there’s a fair amount of skill and intuition involved to help you beat the odds it’s worth remembering that this edge only applies every move was made right from start to finish. The more mistakes, the higher the house edge increases accordingly.

7. Don’t be blinded by the light

For obvious reasons, casinos want gamblers to wager in the games that generate the most profits without bothering if the games make profits for players. Therefore, it is easy to figure which games are given the most attention at the casino which are flanked by the most elaborate and impressive backdrops. The more eye-catching and attractive a casino game means the more they try to attract you to play it. Which, in most cases isn’t for gamblers financial benefit.

8.  Keep track of time

Last but not least, almost everything that happens in a casino is there to make sure you lose complete track of time. No reminds of the outside world, vibrant color and attractive soundtracks – all to keep you playing for as long as possible.  One of the most important rules when to beat the odds at an online casino is to keep things within the timeframe limited. As even the smallest house edge means you can’t beat the odds and will eventually lose, given it enough time before walking away. It’s hard to win the house edge but you can at least to some extent beat them at their own game.

Complete guide to contacting W88 online casino you should know

If we want to participate in online casino at a particular house, then of course we need to carefully understand that house’s information.

When we encounter problems that require assistance from W88, what do we need to do? If you are experiencing this situation, please take a look at some of the following suggestions.

W88 support


Zalo: (+63) 9452215303

Zalo: (+63) 9271723648

VIBER: (+63) 9989602209

PHONE: (+44) 2036085161

PHONE: (+84) 2844584288 (VN)

Gapo: (+84) 936599988

Online Chat

Please try to contact the customer service department of the W88 dealer for the fastest support. Often this will be the first way we can “communicate” with W88 whenever problems arise.

Contact by Zalo, Skype, Viber

You can use smart applications such as Zalo, Skype, Viber to contact the support of the W88 dealer. All your inquiries will be handled promptly and accurately.

The first time when you speak directly to a counselor, be sure to ask them for a phone number to support whenever there’s an incident.

Email W88

One more way that can help you get advice, support from W88, is to send an email (email) to the W88 dealer.

If you do not know the email of the W88 dealer, please record it immediately: infovn@w88.com.

Call directly to the W88 support

In addition, you can also contact through the support phone number provided by the W88 dealer. In case you call internationally, you will have to spend a little “fee”.


The best and quick way to contact the W88 dealer is through online chat. Because when having problems, this will be the solution that helps you handle the situation quickly, your problems will be solved quickly.

You can even ask them for detailed advice on some other online gaming services. Regardless of the time you contact W88, the W88 Customer Service staff will support you 24/24, regardless of holidays, weekends or holidays.

Can You Really Beat the Odds at a Casino? (Part 2)

3. Know when to walk away

The house edge exists to ensure that casino always wins. In roulette for example, the house edge is consistently 5% which is a relatively small edge, that means players have a rather good chance of winning with one spin. And with the following spins, the edge comes close to a 50-50 outcome. That means with even a small house edge involved, players will always finish up out of pocket if playing for long enough. This is the reason why one of the most important rules with online casino gaming is determining when to walk away. Rather than attempting to wait on a winning streak, stop playing as soon as you start winning.

4. Search for wonky wheels

In fact, this doesn’t apply to online casino operated by a major brand but a somewhat dated casino. Traditional mechanical roulette wheels obviously suffer wear and tear through time making it become weighted to certain results over others. In that case, predicting the outcome with a higher degree of certainty is not impossible. It can happen and one notable example of a wonky wheel is a lucky player in Monte Carlo won approximately $400,000 back in 1873.

5. Penny slots rarely pay

Penny slots rarely pay the kinds of prizes of profitability although it is the most popular games in casinos worldwide and the biggest money spinners for casinos by a significant high margin. As a general rule of thumb, the house edge on a penny slot is as high as 15% to 20%. This can be decrease significantly by playing slots with higher stakes and bigger maximum bets. Of course, play bigger maximum bets would increases the risk of heavy losses with each spin. But at the same time, it also allows the chance to win the kinds of prizes that could see you walking away being a millionaire.

Comparison of w88 online casino and 23zo club website (Part 2)

Compare the prestigious W88 dealer and the 23Zo Club gambling website

If you’ve ever played betting, exploding games in many bookmakers, then surely W88 is the last stop that you feel impressive and safe. In the Malaysian market, the W88 dealer is considered one of the safe and reputable bookies that cannot be ignored.

The games you can choose to participate in W88 are very diverse and diverse with nearly 1000 games. The graphical interface of W88 is rated as eye-catching. You can play and be assured of your account without having to worry about the site crashing like many other systems.

At W88 you can play online casino, deposit money from your player account at a glance with the Internet banking system of most major banks in Malaysia.

There are many reasons you should play Spinning Redemption at W88 as follows.

The system of games at W88 is very diverse, from the world’s leading game publishers, each studio has hundreds of different games to choose from.

Connecting players in many Asian countries such as Macao, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, etc. Accumulation of prizes increases rapidly, the probability of exploding Hu is very high.

There are many promotions for players at the W88 online casino.

Customer care staff meticulous, professional

User-friendly graphical interface, creating a world-class professional award-winning entertainment space.


These two bookmakers are highly rated for reliability. However, in our opinion, the W88 dealer is more appreciated for its seniority, the promotion as well as the number of games is also more diverse. Promotion is one of the advantages I appreciate at the W88 dealer.

Compare the prestigious W88 dealer and the 23Zo Club gambling website

Monthly, quarterly and yearly at the Malaysia online casino there are extremely attractive w88 promotions that are held on a regular basis. Even new players who have not withdrawn their accounts yet can get the best deals. Currently, there are few bookmakers who have built the system and promotions as diverse as the W88 online casino.

The W88 dealer always pays more attention to their members. The rights of players are guaranteed, the information is kept confidential. What’s more when the player owns such advantages.

When you have given yourself such a prestigious Malaysia online casino to play at. You should be ready to prepare your pocket knowledge enough to bet before playing. The suggestions above will certainly help you a lot.