Malaysia is a multi-cultural and religious home to many nationalities, of which, a huge percentage of the population are ethnic Malays, making it a predominantly Muslim country. Casino de Genting is the only casino in the country that allows non-Muslims to engage in gambling activities which led to the rise of online casinos offering slots.

Although online gambling is illegal in the country, the government has no jurisdiction over internationally licenced online casinos offering slots; thus, many Malaysian residents can still access these sites without technically breaking any Malaysian law. Online casinos are gaining popularity thanks to attractive strategy of website operators such as valuable bonuses offers and a real feeling of playing as in land-based casinos.
The majority of casino players are Chinese and other non-Muslim nationalities, particularly those that are in the younger age group. Many of the frequent visitors of slots in the casino are those that are over 50 years old who have extra money to spend.

Where to Play Slots in Malaysia?

Non-Muslim Malaysian residents and tourists can choose to play slots in land-based Casino de Genting in Pahang which is equipped with 3,140 slot machines. Otherwise, they can choose to play online slots on various online casinos at the comforts of their home via internationally licenced online casinos. A growing number of Malaysian play online slots on a daily basis thanks to the availability of websites that accept bets from Malaysia. Some online casinos even accept deposits and withdrawals in Malaysian ringgits. This form of gambling is popular as you are less likely to get caught when you sign up and play on online casinos.
However, be ware of illegal, unregulated sites as you risk loosing your money a when these underground casinos can suddenly disappear and run off with your money.