It is so annoying when coming across many websites claiming to offer guaranteed winning strategy for winning a fortune at roulette table as each and every example of those guide is packed with pure nonsense. Playing Roulette is like rolling a dice, dealing a shuffled deck or flipping a coin, the outcome of each and every of that action is random. So does the spin of the roulette wheel. As it is random, it just impossible to predict it and therefore there is no such thing as  a guaranteed winning strategy.
It makes more sense to play in accordance with a strategy to enhance the odds of getting it right, while eliminating the risk of taking a pounding. So instead of reading into the phony-baloney blurbs, use the following common-sense tips and guidelines.

Learn the Odds
The first and foremost thing you should know about the odds is the higher the potential payout, the lower the likelihood that it happens. Players who hedge the bets wisely means understands the statistics of the odds of any given bet to bring home the prize. You can not change the odds in your favour, but you can certainly make sure that you stick with the higher-odds betting option, instead of going for the higher wins.

Try Betting Systems If You Want, But Don’t Expect Them to Work
The advice of strictly against betting systems is not necessarily true, as taken into account the fact that the outcome is always random, sometimes it might works. However at the same time, if they does not work, players would have as much chance betting randomly as following a system. Which also means that you can freely try any betting systems that you fancy – just do not expect them to work any better than other approaches.