The round of the Roulette game begins by spinning a small ball around a 37-digit circular wheel. When the wheel stops, the ball will roll into one of those boxes. The goal of this game is to also accurately predict the number of cells the ball will roll on. By predicting the correct numbers, you will also win the bet. The payout depends on the bet types you make.

How To Play Roulette

According to the guideline from, first, the player will need to choose the bet type to place. Players will also have a short time to decide where to choose to bet.

The person who controls the roulette (Dealer) will also start shooting the numbers by launching a small ball when spinning around the spinning roulette in the direction of playing Roulette. According to the rules, the small ball needs to spin at least 3 rounds before falling on a specific number.

When the ball falls into a number, the player will also compare that number that is identical to the bet type that they have placed to see if it will win or lose.

Immediately choose the amount you want to bet by left-clicking on the coins whose value you want to bet and drag and drop into the appropriate betting positions in the roulette tables. To choose a bet that does not have a coin available, it is the same value, simply choose 1 coin of this price to work with other coins.

Players can place different types of bets according to the different Roulette instructions in the Roulette table. Each bet type will also have a different number line and the payoffs are also different. For every short row, there are 3 numbers called betting lines on the Roulette table, while long lines with 12 numbers each are also called columns. The first 5 types of bets are made up of numbers and rows, the columns are also called In-bets, while the last 3 types of bets are made up of special cells just below and to the left of Roulette table is called Outside Betting.

Above are the correct and most complete instructions for playing Roulette games, after you’ve finished reading and understanding this Roulette tutorial, you can play at all casinos that have the game, especially Have fun!