In real money online casinos, Roulette is different from other games such as Baccarat or Blackjack, you can ensure the winning by calculating the card while playing. It is again a friendly game about red and black, luck plays an important part in this game.

However, it’s not like there is no way to win this game. Because Roulette does not have a commission for Malaysia online casinos like Baccarat nor Blackjack does exist, while playing Roulette bet definitely 1 to 2 loss. Here I would like to share to the easiest way to win Roulette.

Types of bets and how to win Roulette

To be able to play and win, the most basic thing you need to grasp is the types of bets and how to win Roulette to win easily.

Although there are many types, but if you pay attention, you can play very fast, because all the ways it is related to each other, just need to grasp these types of bets and some skills to play Roulette ways. The most basic is that you can play right away.

Bet on numbers

Bet on numbers between 1-18, 19-36. This is one of the 2 largest number groups of the table to play Roulette. Betting on these 2 groups of numbers will be similar to betting on color. Note that you only have a right to bet once, at most twice on the numbers above.

Bet by color

It is difficult for players to choose the colors to bet, although there are only 2 colors, black and red. There is a 50% chance of always happening for both colors (except for zero).

According to the experience of the senior players, they have their own ways of winning Roulette, when betting you should only bet on a certain color that you have chosen. You can start the game at the first place with a copper later, if you win, then the bet should increase to 5.

Place your bets in line

A line bet or color bet basically has quite the same rules. When you bet on the first row and win the bet, it is best to stay the same, if you lose you bet again with the same amount of losing money. You only need one lucky chance to get it all back. Because the odds of these line bets are 1 to 2.

But this bet is often associated with the risk that you will have to lose a large amount of capital, but there is a chance of winning twice your total initial capital.