The follows are the frequently asked questions of those who often play roulette at Malaysia online casino. Let’s check them out!

1. Is there the tactics that help you to win?

Roulette is a very popular game nowadays in both real and online casinos. However, many players question whether there really exists an invincible strategy in this game.

The answer is, tactics are just a part to help you win and to really win every bet, players need to train and accumulate experience in each game for themselves. No strategy is guaranteed to win 100%, only the brains and the correct thinking and judgment of players can help them win.

2. Do you have enough capital to play by these methods?

In fact, when using roulette playing tactics, you certainly cannot win the first time. Therefore, experienced players often recommend that new players play in two ways:

The first method

If you have enough money, you bet bet exponentially. For example: if you bet 1 chip in the red game and win, then in game 2 you will put 1 chip in again. If you lose, you always bet 2 chips, if your luck is still bad then you always bet 4 chips. Put it like that until you win, stop. Then you start to place a new bet with 1 chip. This is a common betting method that many people use.

The second method

If you do not have enough financial resources or you are a new player who wants to choose a safe plan, you can bet the second way. That is to divide your capital into 100 parts. The first time you bet 10% of the total amount. If you win, you bet on your profit, if you lose, you bet 10% of your remaining capital. If you lose, you still have the capital to play.

Thus, depending on the strategy, the way you play and the initial playing capital you can choose the most appropriate betting strategy. Good luck!