The general rule is that the higher the odds of winning, the lower the odds and vice versa.

A great feature is the result statistics and the display is in the form of visual charts. The result is calculated within the last 500 games played. This number may vary, but up to 500 games. This feature is paid a lot of attention to place bets, especially for players who like ‘on demand.’

Feature “Play automatically” is also provided. Accordingly, every game you bet is the same, according to the configuration you have pre-set. This feature only stops when you choose to stop, when you reach the number of games you set or when you … run out of money. But visiting this area and turning on the auto-play mode is boring, each game is a new style.

A few experiences

Small and even bets

The best advice for Roulette players at Empire777 is to split your money, only bet 1 game to 5% of the amount you currently have. I met a lot of players who loaded 1 or 2 million, even tens of millions, but they lost quickly after less than half an hour.

The common feature is that they often bet half the amount, even ‘all hands’ every time. Of course your money you bet no one banned, but remember that there are chains losing a dozen games not win any game, if you bet that way your money will fly faster than ever.

Bet on big payouts with winnings

This is an unbeatable and proven tactic. Roulette players admit that, up to 95% of their bets are aimed at bet stakes with a 50% chance of winning. For example Red/Black, Even/Odd, Big/Small, etc. are your favorite bet. In the remaining 5%, the bet is almost impossible to win, but if the winning is very big, so they only use the winnings to bet.