Slot machine is a game that is currently very HOT in Malaysia market as well as international game market. With this game, players will receive valuable rewards.

In the market, many dealers are offering this slot machine game to users. Among them are the two famous bookies that are 23zo Club and W88. So with these two online casino, which one should we choose to play the pot, which online casino creates the better player, etc.? Let’s find out through the article below.

In order to better understand which online casino to play, we will have a quick look at the activities of these two bookies.


23zo Club is a new game portal, bringing you completely new slot game experience with familiar slot themes as well as slots that have never appeared in any game port. After a period of absence, has officially launched again after a long pause to maintain and upgrade the system.

Compare the prestigious W88 dealer and the 23Zo Club gambling website

Game also updates a lot of new features that appeal to players with many challenges and generous rewards. has a lot of advantages for us to mention. Currently the game portal has a version for all operating systems. That means that no matter what device you use to access it, you can still download and play games.

The size of is not too heavy so you do not have to worry too much about memory. And these games can be suitable for even weakly configured models. You can play smoothly even when your access network is not very well.

23zo Club has beautiful images, diverse games, extremely rich game store. Some games need to be mentioned at such as: Faint, Go to the North, Go to the South, Three trees, Xoc disc, Mau binh, One piece slot, Three Kingdoms slot, Ta lu, etc.


W88 is the leading prestigious bookmaker in Asia. If you have ever played the spinoff at the game portals like:, (Rikvip), Vinplay, etc. then at W88 too, even more.

Because this is a longtime bookmaker with its seniority, this online casino has owned a huge game treasure and the trust of the players.