3. Know when to walk away

The house edge exists to ensure that casino always wins. In roulette for example, the house edge is consistently 5% which is a relatively small edge, that means players have a rather good chance of winning with one spin. And with the following spins, the edge comes close to a 50-50 outcome. That means with even a small house edge involved, players will always finish up out of pocket if playing for long enough. This is the reason why one of the most important rules with online casino gaming is determining when to walk away. Rather than attempting to wait on a winning streak, stop playing as soon as you start winning.

4. Search for wonky wheels

In fact, this doesn’t apply to online casino operated by a major brand but a somewhat dated casino. Traditional mechanical roulette wheels obviously suffer wear and tear through time making it become weighted to certain results over others. In that case, predicting the outcome with a higher degree of certainty is not impossible. It can happen and one notable example of a wonky wheel is a lucky player in Monte Carlo won approximately $400,000 back in 1873.

5. Penny slots rarely pay

Penny slots rarely pay the kinds of prizes of profitability although it is the most popular games in casinos worldwide and the biggest money spinners for casinos by a significant high margin. As a general rule of thumb, the house edge on a penny slot is as high as 15% to 20%. This can be decrease significantly by playing slots with higher stakes and bigger maximum bets. Of course, play bigger maximum bets would increases the risk of heavy losses with each spin. But at the same time, it also allows the chance to win the kinds of prizes that could see you walking away being a millionaire.