Efforts to beat the odds at a casino is, by definition, a fall attempt. No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to consistently beat the house. Let’s say it was possible to beat the odds at an online casino, everyone would be doing it…and the industry would no longer exists.

But just because you can’t win the odds at an online casino doesn’t mean you can’t at least give it a try. In fact, there are various ways you can try to at least set the balance slightly more favourably for you.

The house always wins in the end, but you can still have a fair opportunity at walking away with a prize.

Here’s how to not necessarily win the odds at a casino, but possibly reduce the house edge at least a little:

1. Be aware of clumsy dealers

They can be difficult to identify, but they certainly are there. Set your eye over several blackjack tables and you may mark that some dealers have very unique playing styles that compare to others. In addition, it’s common to come across dealers who are absolutely clumsy. If you happen to encounter a dealer who unknowingly put the face-down card as it is dealt, consider yourself an extremely lucky person. Besides, keep that information to yourself at all costs. Clumsy dealers are the antichrist as most casino business owners are concerned about. They’re likely the malfunctioning cash machines for the savvy player.

2. Don’t get too distracted

Live music, attractive serving staff, on-stage shows – there’s plenty of things at the average land based casino to keep you nice and distracted. With online casino, there are chat, pop-up ads, … some of which is there for your entertainment, but most of them will take your eye off the prize. Even if you can’t beat the odds at a casino, you can at least stay concentrated to avoid making unfortunate decisions. That’s often easier said than done, and it’s all happening around us all the time.