The reason why there are so many brothers when playing online gambling for real money at online casino always loses despite having applied many good tactics, tricks.

Did you focus too much on the tactics and forget the surrounding elements? These surroundings were studied by mathematician Laviste and showed that it accounted for 50% of the player’s ability to win cards.

So, together we learn the following 4 things to be able to easily win money from the dealer.

Know the odds of winning and losing in online casino games

Many people think that professional card players win the game due to their good fortune, but they do not think that they win because they know the winning and losing ratio of the games.

Initial bet capital

Many people have thought to deposit a small amount of money to try their luck, maybe they will win big. This is just a small player’s mind and professional players will never pay such a small amount because playing will sometimes win and lose, sometimes when a game with a high winning ratio without a bet, the winnings are not worth much.

For large players, managing capital is a very important factor. It affects tactics and play psychology very much. Professional players, they will set a losing rate of over 50% to stop playing, at this time the card is trending black, if you continue to play it will lose a great deal.

Know how to play and stop at the right time

When playing at Malaysia online casino, depending on the financial situation and the purpose of making money, set a goal for yourself. However, the advice given to you is to stop playing immediately when you have won 2.5 times the initial capital and when losing 70% of the capital by greed, the more intensive and losing will be removed. lost.

Have reasonable tactics

Brothers playing cards online for real money should remember, there is no absolutely right tactic only reasonable tactics. Therefore, players who use a reasonable strategy will bring high efficiency. Each game will have different tactics, so it is not possible to apply one tactic to every game. And when applying a strategy that loses many times, you should change to another strategy.


Above are the experiences I have learned in the process of playing online gambling at many different casinos and found it very effective. If you guys have good methods and experience on playing online cards, please share for everyone to refer. Wish success!