Do you know whay that you always lose when playing Sicbo Sic Bo at the Malaysia online casino like W88, or M88?

That’s because you do not have the strategy to play Sicbo effectively. Once you have the hands-on experience of playing Sicbo, the house only determines to lose money with you. Here are the winning Sicbo playing experiences, please refer.

1. Do not place multiple bets at the same time

Many players believe that, in one game, you should bet multiple doors at the same time to increase your chances of winning, winning a lot of bets. But that is you only one-way thinking.

In the event that you place a lot of bets, it is okay to win if you lose, it greatly affects the following bets.


Placing multiple bets at the same time makes the player more worried, more pressure, the capital management plan is broken. Invisible, you have lost the house from “in the bud”.

Want to play for a long time with the house, you absolutely should not bet multiple bets at once. Please analyze the situation of the game carefully, then choose the betting door with high probability of winning.

2. Bet on Big or Small

When playing casino gambling, the door with the lowest payout is the door that brings the highest win. And the high-stakes bet is the door that offers a low chance of winning. It is very easy to make your wallet eroded.


For Sicbo games, the Big and Small are the two bet odds with low payout rates but a high chance of winning. From the factor of observing the outcome of Big and Small, there is an effective betting strategy that is launched in series bet. Players just need to know the chain to easily win money. If you want to know the strategy of string bet, please refer to tactic 3.

3. Betting according to the rules

Be careful to record the series of bets immediately. If you know the rules of the bet, you raise your bet. Just take the opportunity, put a few heavy hand weight is lost immediately.


Above are 3 effective Sicbo playing tactics of the old masters. Hopefully the newcomers, just playing Sicbo should not ignore this article. This is all the quintessential experience summarized. I wish you a great win!