Is bodog a reputable and safe online casino to play at?

Bodog online casino has recently been rated by experts and betting players as one of the best bookies today. With the available football betting experience with a team of experts and large staff, the Bodog house is gradually asserting its position in the hearts of players.


The house Bodog was founded in 1994 by Calvin Ayre, Bodog has grown into a global empire. Bodog offers a wide range of poker entertainment products marketed worldwide.

This Malaysia online casino offers online casino games, an international record label, a publisher and a producer of national television programs on real shows like the Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker program (Calvin Ayre Poker) and the Bodog Match.

Bodog bookmaker operates strongly in the Americas and Europe markets with online entertainment products: Casino, online betting, poker … Currently, Bodog is focusing on strong development for Asian markets and especially Malaysia.

In only a short 5 years of building market share, Bodog is known to players as one of the leading prestigious bookmakers as well as an Asian partner of the prestigious Arsenal team and always accompanies with the tournaments. The biggest football planet.

Advantages of the house Bodog

Bodog has been licensed with Asian Products and Services by the First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation, the Cagayan Economic Zone Government – CEZA – licensed and regulated by the Philippine Government.

Customer information security system is highly focused. The house Bodog has invested and used the most modern technology to ensure. Security system is always guaranteed 24/24 operation.

Big promotions are always applied by the house Bodog. Players are spoiled for choice for big promotions at major holidays like the events organized by the bodog.

Bodog rafters are rich and varied from rafters: Europe, Malay, Indo, HK, to Dec types, Odd’s update according to the standard and perfectly reasonable for customers. Bodog provided the contract before the game and even in the last minutes

Users can fully trust the house bodog by the enthusiastic and prestigious service. With a team of customer service specialists via email, phone, online card game… just go to the home page and click on the online logo to contact the Bodog dealer directly.

Detailed steps you should know when betting in Empire777 online casino

Empire777 online casino dealer is well known to customers with a reputation as a reputable and very good online football betting website and casino, holding a fairly large position in the house market. They always try to take the members’ experience to a new level with many exciting and exciting games. Today we will find out how to play this at home.

Empire777 is a brand that has been active in the betting market for many years and regularly appears in the list of top bookmakers. Has won the attention of the players and it is easy to understand why this house is so many members to join. The reason is simply because they are very interested in their members as well as offering many different betting products for customers to choose. Want to play here, everyone just follow these steps offline.

Step 1: Member registration

Any bookmaker will ask customers to become their members before joining the game and so will Empire777.

You only need to visit the homepage, select Register and provide information and then wait for the fish house to accept. Quite simple and fast, not even 5 minutes.

Step 2: Login and recharge

Next you will start logging into the account you just created by entering information in the two blank boxes next to the login box. To play a bet, there must be money in the account and the player must deposit. We also have a very detailed and detailed guide on empire777 recharge, everyone can read to read for further reference.

Step 3: Play the game

The Empire777 dealer is offering many different games for customers to choose. Diverse from sports betting, casino, slotgame, poker, etc.

On the menu screen interface, click and select your favorite game. Of course, if you want to participate in the game, you must know and know how and the rules of the game. If you want to play well, you can refer to many articles sharing the experience of the previous players or professional betting people. From there you will learn and accumulate more tips and methods for playing for yourself.

Step 4: Withdraw money

When you win the games, you are free to use the winnings to continue playing other games or withdraw them as you like.

If you want to withdraw, then click the Withdraw box and follow the banker’s instructions.


Now you know how to play betting at empire777 Malaysia online casino, right? Join now to save a lot of victory for yourself.

Tips to guess cards when play poker at Malaysia online casino (Part 1)

The tips in the poker game that every poker player in the world possesses is the very specific skills and guessing skills. In this article, let discover these secrets skills.

First of all, poker game players must have a very good judgment skills and this is also one of the factors that play a very critical role in any online poker match and tournaments. If this ability is used appropriately, players will know exactly what each opponent’s card is like by remembering and eliminating skills and from there, they will come up with the best strategy. To be able to reach and master that level, many poker players must practice non-stop to master the basic knowledge of the trick and implement the skills in this poker game.

When playing Poker, in order to judge the opponent’s card correctly, players also need to pay special attention to two main points which are: understanding the opponents playing style and also identifying important turns of your games to make good decisions.

The problem of getting to know the playing style of people playing Poker games

Before you judge the opponent’s card, the first thing you need to do is learn and master the skills to judge the tricks are being implemented, opponents’ hobbies, and personality, capabilities of that person such as Is the opponent also extremely careful or careless? If the card is bad, will the opponent dare to risk the bet?

There are many people playing online poker games very carefully and logically, it is hard to judge their cards, especially for many beginners, this task is even more time consuming.

In cases where encountering opponents who are new to the game or do not know how to play, you should take advantage of their weaknesses to win quickly. That is the time there is no need to judge the other hand.

Experience playing Sicbo in M88 online casino (Part 2)

Each table has many different levels of bet, you choose for yourself a suitable area with financial ability to be able to start betting at these tables. To maintain the long game, you should choose the tables with the bet less than 1% of the total amount you have. For example, if you have 2 million, then choose a table with a bet of 20k only. If you choose a table too big, playing a few games has lost all, it is very boring, especially for inexperienced players.

This is a typical table at the house M88. Accordingly, you have a video screen in the middle, where you can watch live dice results handled by beautiful female Dealers. Notice next to the screen to display a phone number, let players call to check if it is true or not live video or built-in video. However, few people actually check because transparency has been confirmed.

You have 15 seconds to start placing a bet, considering which box to bet on. After that the game will be conducted thanks to the control of dealers. History of previous games is also provided at the Route button on the left below the table. Players who love how to play ‘on demand’ can refer here. But remember that the dice in front of you is completely transparent, so there’s no way it’s controlled by someone, so there’s no bridge at all.

Remember, the higher the payout option, the harder it is to win, and the players usually only bet on the door with a 50% win rate and payout once. The options include Big/Small, Even/Odd. In addition, other options only bet a very small amount compared to the total bet because its risk is very high and not worth the risk.

If you do not know how to play Sicbo, or want to try the experience, you can register an account at the house M88 to play for free trial before you want to deposit and play with real money. Of course, if you win, you can also withdraw the winnings to your bank account.

Online Casinos Vs Classic Gaming: Which is Better? (Part 3)

24/7 Convenience
Particularly in the era of online casino gaming, the whole thing has never been more easy. For one thing, online casinos always open which means players are able to take part in any game they like at any time and from anywhere in the world at the touch of a click. It also means they don’t have to set foot outdoors if they don’t want to.

This has evolved the entire gambling experience for all types of gamblers at all levels. Whether you’re partial to the occasional gamblers or a more committed casino gamer, the convenience of online casino gaming is beyond comparison.

More Action to Enjoy 
Last but not least, one of the biggest advantages of appeal with online casino gaming is the other gaming opportunities on offer. These days, registration with an online casino usually means gaining access to a whole world of additional gaming assets.

Some have their own online gaming rooms, others offer poker, bingo and there are even casinos with the enormous sportsbooks to take advantage of. All accessible with a single account simple to register and with the added incentive thanks to those exclusive bonuses and promotions. If you’re gamer that likes to mix things up from time to time, online casino gaming definitely the one.

In Summary…

You don’t have to be an advanced gambler to understand the appeal of online casinos. Irrespective of your betting style, there are several major advantages that accompany playing online.

It’s not to say that traditional land-based casino gaming doesn’t have its advantages – it’s just that online casinos are more accessible, dynamic, convenient, and cost-effective than the conventional casinos.
No matter what type of casino you choose, there are plenty of advantages as well as disadvantages that you will experience. Just make sure you don’t let the bad stuff affect the whole experience

Experience playing Sicbo in M88 online casino (Part 1)

The M88 bookmaker is one of the free Malaysia online casino when it comes to their reputation in the Malaysian market as well as in other betting markets around the world.

Entering the Malaysian market as pioneers, so far they have a huge system of betting games, satisfying the passion of the majority of sports betting and betting players at the Other online casino games. Choigamemienphi will join you in experiencing an online Sicbo table at this prestigious house.

Introduce the game Sicbo in online casino

Playing Sicbo online is no stranger to online bookmakers, this is the oldest of the gambling games, even before a thousand years ago compared to a deck of 52 cards. Invented by the Chinese, with 3 dice, each numbered from 1 to 6, the dice are placed in a sealed box, dice evenly and dumped (often called dice).

Players bet on these 3 dice, see what are the sides, what the total points are, … called betting options, if the bet is correct, they will receive a reward, the payout depends on the betting options, The harder you win, the higher the payout.

There are a number of Malaysian websites that also have a variation of this game, called faint, that will be mentioned in another article. But Sic Bo has only 2 betting options, namely Big and Small, based on the sum of the three dice drawn. When playing Sicbo online at the M88 dealer or other dealers, you have far more betting options to join.

To access Sicbo online, go to the Online Casino area on the main menu of the M88 dealer. There are many different games like Sicbo, Baccarat, Roulette, etc. Of course you choose to play Sicbo online.

If you do not know, then this is the area for tables with Live Dealers.

The tables are held in real life, in the Philippines and broadcast live results to the players. This way of playing completely eliminates any doubts about the fairness and transparency of the game, although it has some shortcomings such as slow speed, the faulty dealer is to start over, but because it brings It feels like the real casinos, so you almost never get bored here.

Online Casinos Vs Classic Gaming: Which is Better? (Part 2)

3. Avoidable Additional Costs
For some people, going to the casino is about more than just placing bets.  There may be additional expenses incurred, such as transport, food, beverages and so on. Not the biggest type of expenses, but expenses that can be avoided wasting by playing at an online casino.

When you place bets online, you don’t need to spend a dim beyond the actual amount of betting itself. This technically means you save more money to spare and play with, which you’d have otherwise waste on transportation and extras. This doesn’t always apply, but it’s absolutely worth considering when it does.

4. Dynamic and Varied Gaming Opportunities
Of course, it doesn’t mean that the land-based casino doesn’t have a extensive collection of games. It just means that no land-based casino in the world can rival an established online casino, where you’ll find literally thousands of games at the touch of a click. All with no queues, crowds or hectic, which serves as an additional bonus for many players.

The majority of the enjoyment of casino gaming is in the sheer variety of betting opportunities available. If you’re a firm supporter in variety being the spice of life, the online option is the one.

5. Exclusive Bonuses and Promotions
Online gambling in general has become famous for its provision of extraordinary bonuses and promotions which is particularly true when there are thousands of pounds of bonus credit are routinely available – simply for registering.

For introductory top-ups bonuses to free spins to cash back incentives and so on, you’ll find countless number of tempting bonuses available. Best of all, there’s no limited that you can’t sign up with a whole bunch of online casinos and gain access to dozens of one-time-only deals at the same time. Just make sure to read those all-important terms and conditions, in order to be sure you’re getting a decent deal.

The betting options when playing poker in online casino

If you have basically envisioned how a game of poker is operated, now is the time to find out, whenever your turn, you can do as follows.


If you find the card is too bad, 2 of the Secret Pick Up cards do not match the Common cards, then you lose, lose all the bet and end your game. , others continued to play. This is a pretty good option in this game, this is a tactical game, so if you want to play next, you have to increase your bet, not just follow it, eat it, follow it pay extra bet, so if the card is too bad, face up, preserve the capital.


Every round of betting, if no one has bet before you will be the first to bet. If your next player wants to continue, they can either follow the card, pay an extra bet equal to the one you bet, or if they are not happy with the bet, they will bet. If the bet is too big, they have to set a card, which is why playing cards is a useful option and should always be considered.

In addition, there is a special Betting option called All-in Betting, which bet all your available funds. This feature is a double-edged sword and must be carefully considered. If the cards are big, the chances of winning are quite high, other players will be concerned that you have a big hand that is dealt, but if they have a bigger hand then you are considered to be empty. Therefore, be very careful.


In a round of betting, if there is a previous Bet that you want to increase this stake, you can raise, in addition to the same amount as the previous player bet, you pay 1 optional increase.

Once a player has bet, and you are satisfied with this level of bet, not a card, nor increase the bet, then you choose Theo, pay 1 more bet equal to the bet that the previous player has Bet or Raise.


In a round of betting, if no one Bets, then you have the right to continue to play without spending money, that’s the Check option.

Online Casinos Vs Classic Gaming: Which is Better? (Part 1)

The extent to which online gambling has influenced the industry on a global basis is more than remarkable. It is now hard to imagine life without gambling online.
Even today, the growth the industry is making is simply phenomenal. The online gambling market worldwide is currently worthed in the region of $45 billion annually and is growing at its fastest rate ever. Much of which has been influenced by technological advancements of portable devices.

Online betting has built new standard for millions of gamblers worldwide. There’s much to talk about the classic approach to the traditional gambling, features several major benefits in favor of the online alternative.

As the traditional casino has the benefits of a more social experience, on the contrary, those who place most of their betting online gain access to the following privileges:

1. The Biggest Choice of Casinos
First of all, the market for online casinos is bigger than it used to be and continues to grow. Even if you have relatively easy access to many quality gaming sites in your locality, it really can’t compare with the thousands (maybe millions) of options available online.

This gives casino gamers with the chance to try out as many games as they pleases, until they find one that suitable. All online casinos have their own unique pros and cons, so it’s definitely worth surfing around and seeing what’s on offer.

2. Bigger Wins, Better Prizes
Searching around also ensures you gain access to the best offers, bonus, tournaments and the most generous prizes. Online casinos are almost always better than their conventional counterparts.

This is for the simple reason that running an online casino is significantly cheaper than running a land-based casino. They save costs on things like premises, employees and insurance, allowing them to pass the extra savings on to their customers by offering bigger prizes and better bonuses. Even where the biggest and most land-based casinos in the world are concerned, players will still almost always get the best deals online.

Experience playing Roulette online at the house of Empire777 (Part 2)

The general rule is that the higher the odds of winning, the lower the odds and vice versa.

A great feature is the result statistics and the display is in the form of visual charts. The result is calculated within the last 500 games played. This number may vary, but up to 500 games. This feature is paid a lot of attention to place bets, especially for players who like ‘on demand.’

Feature “Play automatically” is also provided. Accordingly, every game you bet is the same, according to the configuration you have pre-set. This feature only stops when you choose to stop, when you reach the number of games you set or when you … run out of money. But visiting this area and turning on the auto-play mode is boring, each game is a new style.

A few experiences

Small and even bets

The best advice for Roulette players at Empire777 is to split your money, only bet 1 game to 5% of the amount you currently have. I met a lot of players who loaded 1 or 2 million, even tens of millions, but they lost quickly after less than half an hour.

The common feature is that they often bet half the amount, even ‘all hands’ every time. Of course your money you bet no one banned, but remember that there are chains losing a dozen games not win any game, if you bet that way your money will fly faster than ever.

Bet on big payouts with winnings

This is an unbeatable and proven tactic. Roulette players admit that, up to 95% of their bets are aimed at bet stakes with a 50% chance of winning. For example Red/Black, Even/Odd, Big/Small, etc. are your favorite bet. In the remaining 5%, the bet is almost impossible to win, but if the winning is very big, so they only use the winnings to bet.